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Social innovation and the cultural heritage

Our cultural heritage is a huge asset that is often undervalued. There are many examples of long-forgotten places, rich in history and culture, which have been rediscovered and have gained new value.

This course provides learners with the skills to evaluate national cultural and environmental sites, and implement repurposing projects for their renewal.

The focus is on the phenomenon of social innovation applied to our cultural heritage. Flagship projects that have developed in recent years in Southern Italy are presented, highlighting the new management model they use: an alternative to the current public or private models.

Case studies and exercises will enable you to test out your newly-acquired skills, preparing you for work in the kind of company, association or organization that recruits this skills profile.

What you’ll learn

  • Gestire problematiche di tipo organizzativo nel settore dei beni culturali
  • Conoscere le fasi del processo di progettazione organizzativa
  • Sviluppare capacità organizzative utili per il tuo lavoro
  • Comprendere i meccanismi di funzionamento delle strutture organizzative
  • Meccanismi di gestione e coordinamento
  • How to deal with management/organizational issues in the Cultural Heritage sector
  • Understand different stages in business planning
  • Develop organizational skills for the workplace
  • Understand organizational structures and how they work
  • Management mechanisms and coordination

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